Did you know?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Texans Giving Back and our donation program. If you have additional questions, contact our Executive Director.

Any business and nonprofit organizations can join the Texans Giving Back donation program. All organizations are required to complete a business profile. Nonprofits will need to submit their EIN to show proof of your active status.
Once your organization has been approved to participate in the program, you can do the following:
  • For-profit organizations can upload donations at any time. You're not limited to how many items you can donate. Each donated item/set must be created as separate donations. IE, a conference table and chairs will count as single donation. Copier paper is one donation. Printer is a single donation.
  • For nonprofit organizations, you can go through the donations and select the ones you'd like to be added to the lottery.
Drawings will be once a week, every Tuesdays at 5pm CST. As we get more donations, we'll add new days/times for additional drawings.
Nonprofits can select as many donations as they need; however, nonprofits can only win a drawing once a week.
Effective January 1, 2020 there will be a $35 processing fee for all nonprofits. This fee is good for one year and will need to be refiled annually.
Our developers have created a program to randomly draw from the list of nonprofits who are interested in a particular donation. This 'lottery' system allows all interested nonprofit organizations an equal chance to 'win' the donation.
No, the donation program was designed to assist nonprofits with donations. However, TGB has an amazing philanthropic program that helps for-profit businesses create community-driven volunteer programs. Contact our Executive Director for additional information
TGB will connect the nonprofit and for-profit and step back to allow both organizations to work out a date to pick up the donation.
It is the responsibility of the nonprofit to make sure the donation is picked up within the agreed upon timeline. If for any reason you're not able to make the deadline, you should notify the business as early as possible to reschedule. If the donation is not picked up within the deadline, the lottery runner up will be notified and given the opportunity to receive the donation.
This is a program issue and will be addressed internally between the business and TGB. However, your organization will be allowed to participate in the next drawing.
If the lottery winner for that donation is a no-show, the lottery runner-up will be notified and given the opportunity to receive the donation.
Any business in the Houston/Galveston area can register their organization. (Add hyperlink to the registration form) Once your application has been approved, you can begin uploading donations.
Yes, this is something you can work out with the nonprofit when scheduling the donation pick up.
All events will be communicated on the TGB calendar on our website.
This program is focused on helping businesses connect with their communities. We can help you structure simple programs such as –drives, -athons to more complex programs that connect community volunteering and company mission. Contact our Executive Director for additional information.
The blog is our way of staying connected to the city of Houston, our donors and nonprofit program members. We update it with information we feel you will find of interest and of value. Be sure to subscribe to the blog newsletter to find out what we're up to, learn more about the program and new programs. We'll also be putting a spotlight on nonprofits in and around Houston.