Bunny Buddies

Bunny Buddies’ mission is to save and improve the lives of domestic rabbits and enrich the relationship between house rabbits and their human caregivers.

Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the United States, but they are also the third most abandoned breed. They are misunderstood, uneducated about their needs, and can be very expensive! That’s why we’re here: to make sure that all rabbits get the care and attention they deserve.

You might be thinking, “I’ve got enough on my plate. Why should I bother donating to Bunny Buddies? What’s in it for me?”

Well, let us count the ways:

  1. You’ll be helping to save the lives of domestic rabbits, who are often neglected or mistreated.
  2. You’ll be improving the lives of domestic rabbits by providing them with veterinary care, spaying/neutering services, and more.
  3. You’ll be enriching the relationship between house rabbits and their human caregivers by providing education about rabbit health and proper care techniques through our online forums and educational resources.

If you’re interested in supporting this organization or have additional questions, send us an email.

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