Three Types of Donations

We give back to the community in so many ways, often times it’s without our own awareness. The best example is when you share a Facebook post you saw from the local shelter, about a dog found wandering the neighborhood. Your ‘share’ and the dozens or hundreds of people who shared, donated time to assist the nonprofit in finding the pet’s owner. You helped to raise awareness, helped the organization by multiplying its efforts.

Social media is a powerful tool for nonprofits, to communicate its programs, activities and to Ask for donations. When we hit that share button, we’re helping them spread the word. We’re already on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Stories that touch us, that make an emotional impact on us, become a story we want others to know. This is an example of exercising one of the three Ts in the nonprofit sector.

The 3 Ts are Time, Talent and Treasure. They highlight the three main ways you can give to an organization. Giving your Time is volunteering at an after school program. Giving your Talent to an organization is an example of skills-based volunteering, when you donate your professional skills set to help an organization. For example, as an attorney, you provide basic reviews of legal documents on a periodic basis. When you donate a Treasure, you are making a financial donation, writing a check for a specific program.

However you decide to give to an organization, they will always be grateful for your generosity!