Who Are Nonprofit Board of Directors

The role of a board member at a nonprofit is like that of a board member at any company: to provide oversight and guidance to the executive team and ensure that the organization operates in an ethical and legal manner. In addition, they are charged with fundraising and providing connections to other individuals or organizations that can help support the organization in both financial and non-financial capacities.

As it relates specifically to nonprofits, board members must be aware of the rules and regulations governing nonprofits. They are responsible for ensuring that the organization meets all expectations set forth by the IRS as well as their state’s Board of Charities (if applicable). Board members must also be familiar with their organization’s mission statement and ensure that it is being upheld by staff members.

The roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board member are vast and varied. They include:

• Being your own best advocate, ensuring that you understand the mission of the organization and have the resources to be an effective board member

• Being a leader, both within your organization and in the larger community

• Advancing your organization’s mission, overseeing staff and volunteers, protecting assets, fundraising, and more

• Ensuring that your organization has access to financial resources sufficient for its needs

• Developing policies and procedures for your organization to follow

• Hiring and evaluating the performance of the executive director/CEO

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